Women’s Health Program

The Women’s Health Program addresses the health of women and children in our communities by providing graduate promotoras (community health workers) an intensive training in this subject matter. This program was developed as a result of data from the Peruvian Ministry of Health showing significant health disparities among women and children in our catchment area as well as wide-spread interest from our promotoras in women’s health issues. 

The Women’s Health program focuses on topics that include female anatomy over the lifespan, reproductive health and family planning, healthy pregnancy, breastfeeding, and infant nutrition. As part of the Women’s Health Program, we also host an annual Women’s Health Fair where we partner with CerviCusco, another local non-profit, to provide free cervical cancer screenings.

Due to organizational impacts from COVID-19, this program will undergo further development during 2021. We plan to resume program implementation in 2022.