About our Visit & Learn Program!

Our Visit & Learn Program is a win-win-win for our visitors, community health workers, and partner communities. Visitors get an invaluable glimpse of life and culture in the high Andes while simultaneously learning about a range of topics. (Topics include health education, health literacy, health care in remote regions, herbal remedies, responding to medical emergencies in remote settings, and/or NGO operation.) For our partner communities and community health workers, receiving visitors is an empowerment and economic opportunity. Additionally, the money we earn from hosting visitors helps us fund the education programs we offer to our community health workers that aim to improve health outcomes in their communities. Visit & Learn with us for an unforgettable experience that benefits everyone involved!

Available Experiences:

Multi-Week Packages for Schools, Universities, and Traveling Professionals

Herbal Medicine Workshop

Responding to Medical Emergencies in Remote Settings

Full-Day Excursions to our Partner Communities

Half-Day Visits to our Office in Ollantaytambo

Testimonials from past visitors!

“The information SVH staff has to offer is eye-opening and rich, the environment is nothing like you’ve likely experienced before, and traveling is the best way to push you out of your comfort zone and learn. It changes the way you think about the world for the better.”

”SVH has such an amazing impact at the communities they work with and it is extremely touching to witness.”

“I liked learning about SVH´s EDUCATION focus because rather than just giving resources and leaving, They actually teach and spread knowledge [into the communities].”

“It’s a great example of community centered work and it teaches about both the communities around here and the organizations’ work.”

“SVH is such an amazing organization to learn about and it makes you think critically.”

“I learned a lot about EDUCATION SURROUNDING healthcare and how to teach through a language barrier.”

“This experience was very helpful and opened my mind on how other people live and how important it is to make sure their needs are satisfied when working with different communities.”

“What I liked most about the experience was the multilingual, multicultural sharing.”

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