Advanced Nutrition Program

According to our growth and development surveys completed in 2016-2017, 54% of children under 5 in our partner communities are stunted, underweight, or both, and 55% of children under 5 are anemic. These alarming rates of malnutrition along with widespread popularity of nutrition topics and continued requests from promotoras and community members for more education and resources about nutrition led to the creation of our Advanced Nutrition Certification Program. This is a certification program that integrates indigenous knowledge of local foods with specialized education in nutrition

Training topics for this program focus on:
-Complementary feeding
-Nutrition across the lifespan
-Identifying high risk children
-Risk factors associated with obesity

This program was piloted from 2018-2020, funded by a grant from Dining for Women. It is currently on pause due to organizational impacts from COVID. We plan to resume this program in 2024