Our Communities

Peru’s Ollantaytambo District is a mountain district situated midway between Cusco and Machu Picchu. Nearly 70% of its 10,000 inhabitants live in isolated villages, most without running water or electricity.

The percentage of inhabitants living in extreme poverty is greatest in the highest altitude, most isolated communities. Over one third of children suffer from chronic malnutrition.

Rural inhabitants receive little benefit from the money brought in by tourists visiting Machu Picchu, and live primarily by subsistence farming.

Many villages lack road access for part or all of the year, and a trip to the clinic is arduous, time-consuming, and expensive. As a result of the time commitment and expense, many people do not seek prompt medical attention and treatable conditions often are missed or seen late in the course of illness.

Sacred Valley Health serves the most remote communities in addition to some that are closer to our headquarters in Ollantaytambo.