“I’m happier since becoming a promotor. Everyone in my community knows that I’m the health promoter. I like that they come to me with their health issues.”
– Anastacio, from the community of T’astayoc


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“In the beginning, people laughed at [the promotoras], made jokes about us, and didn’t believe in us. But as time passed they began to see us for consultations. And we helped with their health problems. Now, there are no more problems, because they have a better sense of what we do. They even want more health trainings!”
– Bertha, from the community of Soccma

Ana Cecilia

“For me, the best part about being a promotora is attending training workshops, treating [body aches] with herbal tinctures, and having contact with my neighbors.”
– Ana Cecilia, from the community of Kelccanka



“I’m happy to be a promotora. I’m only going to continue to get better, especially through trainings…If I ever have a question, I can always ask.

-Margarita, from the community of Chupani