Docente Program

Docente Ana Cecilia (right) shows new promotora, Flora, a handwashing protocol
The Docente Program, or “Train the Trainer” Program, serves as a step towards Sacred Valley Health’s sustainable staffing model. Promotoras who have already graduated from the Promotora Program apply to work at Sacred Valley Health as employees. Once hired, these “docentes” are then taught how to train future generations of promotoras.

Docentes receive two trainings each month on how to teach specific health topics. These trainings also serve as opportunities to review health information with medically trained staff and to ask questions. With the support of the SVH Community Coordinators, docentes provide health trainings to new promotoras within their communities, as well as new communities. In turn, the new promotoras give health presentations to their community members on important topics. Above all, the Docente Program develops leadership and technical skills amongst talented and dedicated promotoras.